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Day: January 26, 2019

PUBG Introduces A Free-To-Play Lite Version

Lower hardware requirements means more players can play a game. PUBG Corporation and Bluehole are hoping a new lite version

Blockstream Satellite Broadcasts First Message From Mysterious Bitcoin User

Cryptocurrency figures were sharing a sense of excitement January 24 after a mystery user broadcast a message on the Bitcoin

Before Changing Phone Carriers, Check OpenSignal’s Mobile Broadband Report 

Screenshot: OpenSignal Picking “the best” phone carrier has never been easy, since you never really know what kind of service

Nvidia and AMD's Nerdiest Fight Is the One That Matters Most

Photo: Matthew Reyes (Gizmodo) At CES earlier this month, Nvidia and AMD traded words, with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang saying

Computerwinkel Mycom vraagt faillissement aan

Alle winkels van computerketen Mycom zijn per direct gesloten. Het bedrijf achter de winkel, Kijk Up, heeft een faillissement aangevraagd.

Extra beveiliging voor moskeeën Amsterdam

Amsterdam gaat moskeeën en andere islamitische instellingen extra beveiligen. In een brief aan de gemeenteraad meldt burgemeester Halsema dat het

BioWare On Updating Anthem, Listening To Feedback, And Crossplay

We recently played a whole lot of Anthem, covering sections in the beginning, middle, and end of the game. There’s

Scientists Just Drilled All the Way Through Antarctica’s Ice

Ice Ice Baby A team of scientists successfully drilled a hole more than a mile deep through Antarctica’s ice and

The 15 Best 'New Tab' Extensions for Google Chrome Fans

Screenshot: David Murphy Wake Up WeekThis week, we’re looking at what it really means to have the “perfect” morning, whether

Ubisoft Worked With GLAAD On Upcoming Changes To Assassin's Creed Odyssey Shadow Heritage DLC

Update 2: LGBTQ advocacy group GLAAD released a blog post stating they worked with Ubisoft on the upcoming changes to