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Month: January 2019

A Team of Scientists Want to Land a Drone on Saturn’s Largest Moon

A Close-Up View We got our best glimpse of Saturn’s largest moon Titan when European Space Agency’s Huygen probe was

Al-Shabaab teistert al 20 jaar Oost-Afrika en daar komt nog geen einde aan

Ze noemen zichzelf ‘de jeugd’, gaan gekleed in groene legerpakken met zwarte sjaals over hun gezicht en ze zijn verantwoordelijk

Nederlanders in Verenigd Koninkrijk 'erg onzeker' na wegstemmen brexit-akkoord

Voor Nederlanders in het Verenigd Koninkrijk blijft de toekomst na het wegstemmen van het brexit-akkoord onzeker. In het akkoord staan

Machinima's YouTube Video Library Completely Erased

Machinima, a long-time and multi-channel network of video game content, has surprised viewers by wiping all of its videos without prior warning.

The U.S. Wants to Put Ballistic Missile Defense Systems in Space

Missiles in Space The U.S. recently released a report that outlines how it will develop new technology to defend itself

Our 20 Most Anticipated Indie Games Of 2019

Every year, indie games become a larger part of the gaming industry. Based on this year’s releases, that trend doesn’t

Remove All The Ads and Sponsored Products From Amazon With This Extension

Image: Pexels When you’re shopping on Amazon, it’s easy to get distracted by all of the ads and suggestions the

Bitcoin: After Breaking Above $3,700 It Could Soon Surge Towards $4,100, Says Analyst

After a several day period with little volatility in the cryptocurrency markets, Bitcoin has now surged above $3,700, which proved

Ambush Is A New Mode Coming To Call Of Duty Black Ops 4's Blackout

Treyarch recently confirmed in a Reddit thread that a new mode called Ambush is coming to Blackout, after the news leaked through

Crypto Markets Surge as Bitcoin Jumps Above $3,700

The crypto markets are in the process of wrapping up a volatile week on a positive note, as virtually all