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Category: Aggregated Articles

All articles sourced from the web. In other words, not created by me or contributors to this site.

Is Mac OS based on Linux Operating System ?

At first, AT&T created Unix. Because of monopoly regulation, nevertheless, they weren’t allowed to promote it. A whole lot of

Ransomware, Banking Malware, DDoS attacks are UK’s top frauds

UK’s nationwide regulation enforcement and police company, Nationwide Crime Company (NCA) formally introduced that bitcoin ransomware, banking malware, distributed denial

Bengaluru Hacker found a bug in Uber app that allowed users free ride

An moral hacker based mostly in Bengaluru has noticed a bug in a well-liked multinational cab aggregator, Uber’s app, by

Zuid-Afrika vaardigt arrestatiebevel uit voor Grace Mugabe

Zuid-Afrika heeft een arrestatiebevel uitgevaardigd tegen Grace Mugabe, de echtgenote van de voormalig president van Zimbabwe. Ze wordt verdacht van

Minister: meeste loonstrookjes laten volgend jaar plusje zien

Op het loonstrookje dat werknemers in januari krijgen, staat 1 tot 2,5 procent meer netto loon dan op het loonstrookje

Bitcoin OTC Trading Volume Soars as Institutions May Be Accumulating

While volume on centralized exchanges is down as a whole, Bitcoin OTC (over-the-counter) markets have seen a surge in buyers

Bitcoin Cash Rises From Near Death With 28% Surge Today

One of the worst performing cryptocurrencies this year has been Bitcoin Cash but in a seemingly miraculous recovery it has