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20% of the dark websites shut down by an anonymous hacker

Lately 20% of the darkish net web sites have been taken off by a hacker claiming to be from the

D-Live Xmas Event!!!!

d-live is having an xmas event. If y’r gonna be there, be there using this link: https://vrlps.co/4JBwpWE/cpIt’s gonna get me…. something….

RECONSTRUCTIE. Michel overleefde crisette na crisette, maar struikelde uiteindelijk over ‘onschuldig’ VN-pact | Binnenland | Nieuws | HLN

Sommigen schrijven de val van de Belgische regering toe aan de gele hesjes beweging…. Dit is, helaas voor hen, “not

België ondertekent vandaag in New York VN-migratiepact ondanks val regering | Binnenland | Nieuws | HLN

België ondertekent vandaag in New York VN-migratiepact ondanks val regering 19 december 2018 04u33 Bron: Belga Photo News Jean-Luc Bodson.

StarWars-ish Holograms are here!?

Not a Hologram For many sci-fi fans, a truly working hologram is Princess Leia asking Obi Wan Kenobi for help.

(2) Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg – Epic Rap Battles of History. – YouTube

Epic Rap Battles of History is BACK!!!!!! And how! The youtube channel famous for pitting famous (and infamous) people against

What’s Next for Bitcoin Miners in 2019 Amid Lower Price?

The year-long bear market finally forced many Bitcoin miners to capitulate by either scaling down or shuttering their operations. However,

Third try, first post, new deuZige Site!!

Aaaaaaand….. ACTION *TAK* Again i was stumped in my quest for a hosting provider that has the functionality i need

BTCEUR: 3292.41 ▲+1.73%

It looks like the way up has been found by the Bitcoin!!!!! Source: BTCEUR: 3292.41 ▲+1.73% — Unnamed — TradingView